About Tim...

If you just met Tim Dalton or knew him for 20 years, you quickly found out what a sincere person he was.  He was always trying to build a relationship, a connection with people he spoke with.  


In his personal life he was very big into family and cared so much about everyone.  Especially the apple of his eye, his daughter, Katheyrn McKenzie Dalton.  His work life wasn't much different.  He quickly formed work relationships and many of those turned into friendships that have lasted for many many years.


Tim was the kind of person that never met a stranger.  

His passions included COTA racing and racing in general, Amateur photography, Tang Soo Do Karate and working out.

Besides him always being available to help you in some way he was a life counselor to many people in his life.  He was also quite the jokester and prankster in a fun playful way.